Indiana Hereford Association Award Guidelines

The following are the guidelines for the awards given each year by the Indiana Hereford Association. These guidelines were implemented by the Indiana Hereford Board of Directors. Any changes or revisions to these guidelines must be approved by the Indiana Hereford Board of Directors.

The awards presented each year include the following:

Hereford Heifer of the Year
Hereford Bull of the Year
Steer of the Year
Family of the Year
Hall of Fame
Bull Test Award

1. Any resident Indiana with a registered Horned/Polled Hereford animal and is either a member of the IHA or IJHA is eligible to participate in the awards program.
2. Any bull that is castrated any time during the year of its eligibility is automatically disqualified from the awards program for that year.
3. The points are calculated using the following point system:

1st Place-3 points Division Champ-2 points Grand Champion-2 points
2nd Place-2 points Division Res. Champ 2 points Res. Grand Champion -1 points
3rd Place-1 point

4. Eligible Shows for the Indiana point system:
Hoosier Beef Congress
Indiana Preview Open Show
Indiana Preview Junior Show
Indiana State Fair 4-H Show
Indiana State Fair Open Show

5. Also taken into consideration for the animal awards are the exhibitor’s sportsmanship and active participation in the Indiana Hereford Association or Indiana Junior Hereford Association.

The Family of the Year Award is presented to the family that has been actively involved in the adult and/or junior association. Taken into consideration is the family’s sportsmanship, volunteerism with the association, enthusiasm, willingness, to step in and help our with other association members when needed, displays family values and morals. The family must be a member of the Indiana Hereford Association.

The Hall of Fame Award is the most prestigious award one can receive from the Indiana Hereford Association. Taken into consideration is the person’s enthusiasm and dedication to the breed and the association, long-time cattle breeder, achievement and leadership in our breed, overall respectable person and mentor to fellow breeders. The breeder must be a member of the Indiana Hereford Association.

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