2017 Junior National Hereford Expo Results

Indiana Juniors had an action packed week at the 2017 Junior National Hereford Expo in Louisville, KY. We had 70 Junior exhibitors!

Juniors competed in speech, team and individual sales, livestock judging, photo contest, showmanship, and grill-off just to name a few. There were over 900 exhibitors total. Below is a brief recap of Indiana’s results. If I have omitted anyone, please don’t hesitate to let me know:

Hereford Bowl-Junior Team Champions: Logan McFatridge, Luke Dixon, Carlee Musser and Jayden Simpson
High Hereford Bowl Test Score-Junior: Jayden Simpson
Hereford Bowl-Senior Team Reserve Champions: Kylie McFatridge, Hattie Duncan, Dylan Kottkamp and Haley Musser
Photo Contest Winners: Haley Baker, Payton Farmer and Luke Harker
2nd Place Grill-Off Team: Chase Harker, Emily Sennett, Kylie McFatridge, Hattie Duncan, Collin Deatsman, Zach Strueh
1st Place Team Sales: Logan McFatridge and Mia Edwards
1st Place Junior Individual Sales: Brady McNealy
1st Place Intermediate Individual Sales: Dalton Davis
3rd Place Intermediate Individual Sales: Kylie McFatridge
Champion Pee-Wee Livestock Judging Team: Catie Musser, Elijah Redden, Lilly Edwards and Hadley Hendrickson
We had 29 juniors participate in the livestock judging contest. There were 394 total juniors competing. Catie Musser, Elijah Redden, Lilly Edwards, Hadley Hendrickson all placed in the top 20 as individuals in the Pee-Wee division. Ray Duncan and Sage Lawrence placed in the top 20 in the Junior division. Hattie Duncan and Logan McFatridge placed in the top 20 of the Intermediate division.
Outstanding State Member: Samuel Lawrence

Champion Intermediate Showman: Payton Farmer
9th place Intermediate Showman: Sarah Lawrence
Reserve Champion PeeWee Showman: Collin Deatsman
8th Place PeeWee Showman: Hadley Hendrickson

GRAND Champion Steer: Luke and Chase Harker
GRAND Champion Carcass Steer: Hannah Harrell
Steer Class Winners: Alyvea Bender, Hannah Harrell and Stephanie Berenda

Reserve Division III Bull: Dalton Davis
Polled Div 3 Res. Champion: Claire and Emily Sennett
Horned Div 3 Res. Champion: Payton Farmer
Polled Div 8 Champion: Payton Farmer

Heifer Class Winners: Collin Deatsman, Megan and Michalea Marion, Payton Farmer and Clarie and Emily Sennett. Our state also had 16 second places!!!

A BIG Thank you goes out to Kristie McFatridge and Jill Harker for all their hard work as junior advisors!
The Indiana State Fair Steer Show will take place Sunday, August 6th, and the 4-H heifer show on August 7th. The open show will be held on August 10th. We hope to see you all there!

We would like to give a BIG thank you to Betty Davis and her Family. They made a generous donation to the Indiana Juniors and their families at the JNHE by providing a meal on one of the show days.

Jill Duncan

Juniors Fundraising!

This year, instead of asking for sponsorships, the juniors will be selling items as fundraisers at the JNHE and Preview Show. Be sure to pick one or two up!
They make great gifts!

Hereford sunglasses - only $3 each
or pick up two pairs for $5!


Spatulas - $25 each

Indiana Preview Show
Boone County Fairgrounds - Lebanon, IN
Watch for updates to the IJHA Facebook page and here!
Click here for Entry Form

JNHE - Showin' For the Roses

July 15-21, 2017 Louisville, KY

Indiana Hereford Association’s Annual Meeting

Congratulations to the following 2017 Award Winners:
John E. Ward Family, Gay Maddox Family for receiving the Indiana Hereford Association Family of the Year
Collin Deatsman for receiving the Show Heifer of the Year
Luke and Chase Harker for receiving the Show Steer of the Year
Dalton Davis for receiving the Show Bull of the Year

Please watch for a full recap of the Annual Meeting in the spring newsletter coming in March!

We had a very good turnout on Saturday.  If you were unable to attend, and haven’t yet sent in your 2018 dues, I have attached the form.  We also have some sponsorships remaining for the 2018 Indiana State Fair:
For the 4-H:
8 class winners ($30/each)
1 heifer division ($100)
5 heifer reserve divisions ($75)
1 Showmanship Champion ($75)
3 Showmanship Reserve Champions ($50)

For the Open:
Grand Cow/Calf ($150)
Reserve Cow/Calf ($100)
Reserve Bull ($100)

Please note that we received word on Saturday that there will be a Supreme Champion Heifer and Bull chosen at this year’s open show.  Also, the 4-H heifers will be part of the Grand Drive on Sunday night.  There have been some schedule changes.  They should have these posted soon.

We will be publishing the next issue of the newsletter at the end of February/First of March.  If you are interested in an ad, please contact me or Jane at jeadolph@gmail.com.  Rates for this issue are as follows:
1 page: $150
1/2 page $100
1/4 page: $60
Business Card: $35
Back cover, inside back cover or inside front cover (1 page, 4-color): $250
(Available first come-first serve)


Results from 2016 Indiana State Fair

The Hereford Show for the 2016 Indiana State Fair is in the books.  Below are the results, along with our sponsors.  Congratulations to all the exhibitors and thank you to all the sponsors!

4-H Show
Champion Senior Showman and Grand Champion Senior Showman overall breeds: Payton Farmer
Reserve Champion Senior Showman: Samuel Lawrence

Champion Intermediate Showman and Res Grand Int. Showman overall breeds: Emily Sennett
Reserve Champion Intermediate Showman: Mia Edwards

Champion Junior Showman: Sage Lawrence
Reserve Champion Junior Showman: Libby Dixon

Thank you to our Showmanship Award Sponsors: Davee Enterprises, Joe and Cathy Seward, Jordan England and Blake Everhart!!!

Champion Hereford Steer: Hattie Duncan; awards sponsored by Kelly Farms
Reserve Champion Hereford Steer: Stephanie Berenda, awards sponsored by Hattie & Ray Duncan
Champion Hoosier Heritage Steer (Bred and Raised in Indiana): Hattie Duncan, bred by Able Acres

Thank you to our Steer Class Award Sponsors: Hunt Brothers and Streamline Genetics!!!

Grand Champion Hereford Heifer and 4th Overall Breeds: Emily Sennett with an 88X; awards sponsored by Indiana Hereford Women
Reserve Grand Champion Hereford Heifer: Payton Farmer with an About Time; awards sponsored by Camden Herefords
Champion Hoosier Heritage Heifer: Burk Van Horn, bred by Cody Sankey

Division 1 Champion: Trey Craig; awards sponsored by Harker’s and Van Horn’s
Division 1 Reserve: Luke Dixon; awards sponsored by Jim Curry and Curt’s Cattle
Division 2 Champion: Audrey Korniak; awards sponsored by Harker’s and Curt’s Cattle
Division 2 Reserve: Brooklyn Allen; awards sponsored by John Ward and Jim Curry
Division 3 Champion: Samuel Lawrence; awards sponsored by Curt’s Cattle and Davee Ent.
Division 3 Reserve: Mia Edwards; awards sponsored by Terry Ferguson & Family and Jim Curry
Division 4 Champion: Payton Farmer; awards sponsored by Coal Creek Herefords and Davee Ent
Division 4 Reserve: Chase Harker; awards sponsored by IJHA and Curt’s Cattle
Division 5 Champion: Emily Sennett; awards sponsored by Dixon Family and Davee Ent
Division 5 Reserve: Libby Dixon; awards sponsored by IJHA and Everhart Herefords
Division 6 Champion: Burk Van Horn; awards sponsored by IHA
Division 6 Reserve: Ray Duncan; awards sponsored by IHA

Thank you to our Heifer Class Award Sponsors: McFatridge Cattle Co., Tacketts-Far-Away Farm, Dave & Sharon Green, Beck Powell Herefords, Sycamore Glen Farm, Coal Creek Herefords, Curt’s Cattle, Streamline Genetics and the Indiana Hereford Association!!!

Open Show
Grand Champion and Division 3 Champion: David Hockett with an About Time, bred by Ramsey Herefords; award sponsored by Gordon Clinkenbeard and Family

Reserve Grand Champion and Division 5 Champion: Libby Dixon with an Exceed, bred by Libby Dixon; award sponsored by Everhart Herefords

Division 1 Champ: Eli Dixon, Reserve: Jayden Simpson
Division 2 Champ: Luke Dixon, Reserve: Brianne Leising
Division 3 Champ: David Hockett, Reserve: Chase Laudeman
Division 4 Champ: Dalton Davis, Reserve: Burk Van Horn
Division 5 Champ: Libby Dixon; Reserve: Jayden Simpson
Division 6 Champ: Ray Duncan; Reserve: Burk Van Horn

Grand Champion Cow/Calf: Audrey Korniak; award sponsored by Tony Schantz

Grand Champion and Division 4 Champion: Chad Wilson with a MCR Blue Stem, bred by Wilson Cattle; award sponsored by Able Acres

Reserve Grand Champion and Division 3 Champion: Dalton Davis with an Exceed, bred by Dalton Davis; award sponsored by Everhart Herefords

Division 1 Champ: Audrey Korniak
Division 2 Champ: Ted Hunt, Reserve: Ted Hunt
Division 3 Champ: Dalton Davis, Reserve: Chase Laudeman
Division 4 Champ: Chad Wilson, Reserve: Ray Duncan
Division 5 Champ: Randy Davee

Results from 2016 Junior National
Hereford Expo in Madison!

Indiana Juniors did a great job at the 2016 Junior National Hereford Expo in Madison, Wisconsin held earlier this month.  We had 63 Junior exhibitors!

Juniors competed in speech, team and individual sales, livestock judging, photo contest, showmanship, and grill-off just to name a few.  There were over 900 exhibitors total at the expo this year.  Below is a brief recap of Indiana’s results:

Reserve Champion Team Fitting: Samuel Lawrence, Luke Dixon, Audrey Korniak
1st Place Senior Livestock Judging: Samuel Lawrence
2nd Place Intermediate Livestock Judging: Justin Johnson
Hereford Bowl-Junior Team Champions: Logan McFatridge, Luke Dixon, Dylan Kottkamp and Jayden Simpson
High Hereford Bowl Test Score-Junior: Dylan Kottkamp
Photo Contest Winners: Kylie McFatridge, Chase Harker, Haley Baker and Bailey Laudeman
3rd Place Grill-Off Team: Chase Harker, Emily Sennett, Dylan Kottkamp, Kylie McFatridge, Samuel Lawrence, Hattie Duncan
2nd Place Team Sales: Kylie McFatridge and Hattie Duncan
3rd Place Extemporaneous Speech: Hattie Duncan

Reserve Grand Champion Bull and Div 5 Champion: Burk VanHorn
Reserve Grand Cow/Calf Pair and Reserve Grand Bred and Owned Pair: Audrey Korniak
Grand Champion Standard Cow/Calf Pair: Megan Marion
Bull Division 1 Champion: Shaylee Goings
Bred and Owned Heifer Div 1 Res. Champion: Chase Harker
Polled Div 1 Res. Champion: Dylan Kottkamp
Polled Div 4 Res. Champion: David Hockett
Polled Div 5 Res. Champion: Payton Farmer

A BIG Thank you goes out to Jill Harker and Kristie McFatridge for all their hard work as junior advisors! 

The Indiana State Fair is right around the corner!  The 4-H Hereford Steers will be shown on Sunday, August 7th, and the 4-H Hereford Heifers will be shown on Monday, August the 8th.  The open show will take place on Thursday, August 11th at 8:00 am.

Starting in 2016, all steers need registration papers for all shows, including:
Junior National, Preview, State Fair and Beef Congress and must be registered by the American Hereford Association and out of a registered sire and dam. No steer certificates will be accepted, only registration papers. The AHA will still offer traditional steer certificates for those state and regional shows not requiring a registration paper on steers at this time.

  • This rule applies for Indiana Preview Show and Indiana State Fair 4H show for 2016

  • 2016 JNHE Require steers to be DNA tested before April 1


Click below to read
Indiana Hereford News,
Fall 2017 issue.


Deadline May 31


Rick Davis

Vice President:
Bryan Kelly

Jill Duncan

John Camden
Gordon Clinkenbeard
Rick Davis
David Dixon
Bill Doig
David Duncan
Bruce Everhart
Terry Hayhurst
Danny Harker
Ted Hunt
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Scott Lawrence
Kristie McFatridge
Doug Musser
Tony Schantz

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